Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am the Accessory.....

It may come as a shock to some of you that not every social occasion that The Goddess and I attend will be of my request or invitation. This is because The Ultimate Organised one has a social circle that puts Zuckerberg to shame and to top that off is also on more committees that any current sitting senator.

So on many occasions I will be / am known as the handbag.
"What " I hear you say,
 "An accessory ?"
Yup , you heard me correctly. Arm Candy, Handbag call it what you want.

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It's not a bad job actually and there are many benefits. Free food, free drinks, you get to go places that I'd struggle to get to under my own steam. I have actually met some Olympians and minor celebrities at these occasions so by default that makes me at least a C or D lister. (take heed PR companies).

And really all I have to do is meet people, say hello , make polite conversation and describe what I do in 5 seconds or less. Over and Over and Over and Over again. I'm not being funny about the number of people who know the Organised One.

I still remember one function several years ago that went like this.

" and this is Lachlan, he is married to Suzanne" pause 
 "you know The Suzanne" (what ? does she have impersonators attending other functions on her behalf ?)
"oh The Suzanne ! oh wow , so you're her husband !" ( well that's what the certificate says)
"Wow the husband of Suzanne ! " , pause ,
" Whats that like?" 
I go to tell her what its like and before I have drawn a breath, they are already dragging more people over with the phrase :
" and this is Lachlan, he's married to Suzanne !"

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Anyway it gave me enough to really have some fun at home.

So now when functions come up I always prepare my self for what I think will happen  (secretly knowing/hoping  that it probably won't ) and then I'm prepared either way.

and every now and the some thing really cool happens.....

Disclaimer -  I am not now or have I ever been a male model. I got this job through sheer good fortune.

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