Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's official , I am a Golf widow

I feel so lonely. It's now every Wednesday that The Beloved plays, as well as competitions and its not just the playing of the game. There is discussions about golf, trips to see what specials are on at Drumonds Golf and a once a year golf trip that is only for other golfing mums.

And to top it off she is starting to get placed in the competitions.

I do get invited along if there is a weekend spot available , but lets be honest here,  my handicap is my swing and I don't really care for all the rules there seems to be , for example :

Don't put your club on the ground in a bunker ( I spend a lot of time in these pseudo beaches),
don't step on the other players line (which is everywhere on the green)
you can't retrieve your ball from there, (why ? I bought it !)
you can't move your ball from the huge divet it landed in left behind by the last player (grrrrr !)
and on it goes.

The boys certainly enjoy playing so I can't really complain about them not wanting to do the same things as us and I do feel their frustration when we all tee off and try to follow where the ball is probably going to land whilst The Beloved tees of down the middle of the fairway. Its absolutely fair to say that we do guiltily enjoy her bad shots but she determinedly soldiers on.

So I'm resigned to my fate.

I think I'll just stick to being the caddy that way I get to enjoy the walk and keep my blood pressure in check.

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