Monday, July 4, 2011

Early Morning Bed Wrestling Championships

It's just before 6 AM and there is a light pitter patter of footsteps outside our bedroom door. These footsteps signal that The World Championship Bed Wrestling is about to begin. These matches occur on most mornings and its a pretty intense affair as we don't have a big bed, only a queen size so when the kids other combatants come in,  its on for young and old.

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Not accurate representation of actual events

The match usually starts with a "slide in next to one of us" move, followed up by a "feel how cold my feet are" (this move is always delivered with a giggle).  A couple of kidney heel kicks and the match is in full swing.

One well known fact about the Domestic Goddess is that she likes her sleep.

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No I mean she really likes her sleep. As in - if you disturb a sleep-in for any reason other that one of your limbs is hanging by its last tendon, you had better have just updated your insurance. So these early morning matches are not amusing to her and she has been known to disallow any match taking place before 6 am.

But I digress, the next move is purely defensive , "if you don't stop wriggling you can get out !", but by now everyone is wide awake and the match is almost over. A couple of "hey that's my leg" and a "how sharp is your elbow?" and that's it. 

As I enter the kitchen and begin the morning rituals of getting  the coffee on , get the kids lunches done and breakfast on the go I think to my self - I wouldn't change any of this for anything.

Disclaimer - No spandex is worn by any competitor during these matches.

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