Sunday, September 4, 2011

Relax Dad, its only because they care....

Today here in Australia it's fathers day. That wonderful celebration that's all about us Dads.

I'm not going to take to much of your time here but I do want to remind all the Dads out there of a couple of things :

1) The gift they got you is because they love you. It doesn't matter that its socks, undies or a weird tie. They bought it because you are the one thing they hold true on this day.

2) It's not a free pass day. So don't go telling your mother in law exactly how you feel. And under no circumstances should you get drunk and show everybody how you can climb a tree.

3) Enjoy yourself, its fathers day. Yes, your better half put all the hard yards in birthing the progeny, but remember you were there at the conception. And you'll always be their Dad.

4) Lastly you're probably the one they are going to come to for advice now and later on, so remember that the best advice comes from the heart. You will want to protect them from everything, but do the right thing and tell them the truth.

So happy fathers day all and  may all your days be filled with love and wonder as you watch your children grow.

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