Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Man Shopping vs Woman shopping

Well I'm back from my holidays with the family and I will post some photos etc later on. All in all another outstanding holiday with the family.

This week I want to discuss the serious ( not for me) business of shopping.

Hands up if you go shopping with your better half. Keep your hand up if it takes more than 4 hours. I bet you're also the person sitting outside the store on the benches waiting for browsing to be completed. Just about all of us will have their hands up right now.

Shopping is a mystery to me, I just don't understand browsing and not buying. Or browsing 20 stores and then going back to one of the items you browsed for, 7 stores ago and didn't buy, to buy it.

The logic itself defies me.

This is how I shop,

1 - Discover there's a hole (insert other requirement to purchase new item ) in my shoes / pants / shirt etc.
2 - Go to shop that has shoes / shirts / socks etc for sale to men ( you simply can not wear womens clothes to work )
3 - Purchase shoes / shirt / socks etc
4 - Leave store
5 - Go home

Men walk in, buy it and walk out. None of this browsing business.

I have noticed however to some shoppers, shopping is a not spectator sport. It is seriously competitive. If you are saying to yourself " No it's not - what's he talking about? "

This man has clearly been drugged

It starts in the car park. Why on this green earth do you have to get the parking spot closest to the front door of the store. And why do you have to wait for the current person to leave it - Even if that means holding up every other person trying to park.

Car parks seem to be treated as very large demolition derby's to find the "best" possible parking spot.

Once these athletes have completed the first task it's time to start browsing . But again there is no method to this madness. Nothing kills me more than when they randomly stop right in the middle of the walkways. It's the same as if you pulled out of a car spot on a major road and just stopped to do something else.

Oh wait I've seen someone do that ......

It's then on for young and old to get straight in to their shopping. I once went to a book store in the city for a laugh. There was 70 people in the queue waiting to buy books that they could buy online and download whilst in the store.
And the really funny thing was most of them were so bored they were all surfing on their smart-phones.

Anyway back to shopping, after spending money they probably don't have it's back to the car park to demolition derby their way out of the car park. Same skill set on the way out. Take any gap and any opportunity they see and other people be dammed.

As a side note - have you noticed the steel bolted on the side of the concrete pillars in car parks - it's there to protect the pillar. Seriously.

So next weekend if you are bored, take a trip down to the shopping centers and watch the mayhem. But my advice - ride your bike or catch public transport.

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