Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chicken does not come from a plastic packet

I was talking to a manager at work the other day and she was chuckling at the fact that whilst growing up in the country they used to decide what they wanted for dinner and then went and hunted/gathered it. Where as several of her nieces had thought that chicken etc - just came from the supermarket.

Grandpa on the Go has some land in the country and he has chickens. I know first hand they don't come ready to go on a plastic tray.

I'm going back about 20 years now, and he tells me he has two roosters, which is apparently one too many and he says to me "you gotta kill one and we'll eat it."

I figure he means go in there and shoot one of the roosters. No, not at all , he hands me the metal handle off the car jack and says just stun it and bring it out here and we'll cut its head off.

In the mean time, I'm having this internal discussion with myself

"Great, so I have to get it ?!! "

"How many Roosters have I killed to date ?" 

"Including this one ?"

"None, you idiot".

So in I go and single out one of the roosters. He sees me trying to push him into the corner and he knows something is up in chicken land. 
He picks up one foot slowly and flexes it and then puts it down, then picks up the other foot slowly and flexes it and puts it down, he did this carefully so I could see the dirty big spur on the back each of his legs.

He warily circled around me keeping his head slightly tilted and one baleful eye on me at all times. We dance like this for several minutes until I finally get it kind of cornered and I'm waving this metal bar like a flyswatter at it, then all of a sudden he jumps up feet first wings flapping and I'm flinching and swatting.

I open my eyes and he is lying on the ground stunned, unconscious and Grandpa does the rest.

As I plucked the feathers off the bird I was feeling pretty bad until I realized that wasn't guilt I was feeling, as his final hurrah the rooster had passed fleas on to me.

So spare a thought for your kids and do them a favor - show them where vegetables come from by planting  some in a pot and watch them grow.

And do it before some crazy relative tries to show them where steak comes from.........

Image courtesy of ebookee.org

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