Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things you should teach your kids (as a Dad it's kinda your responsibility)

As a Dad there is a whole range of things that you know and are (probably?) expected to teach your kids. Depending on what your dad taught you will depend on how you see the responsibility of passing on what knowledge and when.

So for example, I have found it very hard to teach the kids how to change a car tyre but very easy on how to start a fire ??!!

Also, Grandpa on the Go was a surgeon and I have assisted him with operations, but that doesn't mean I'm teaching the little dudes what I was shown. *

It's stuff that I was shown as I grew up, that is not only useful but actually helpful. Lets face it, you shouldn't have to ring a plumber every time a tap starts leaking.

I compiled this list because I know that schools today often don't teach this stuff and that's OK. The schools have to focus on forcing the minions kids into neat little bell curves and ensuring their university entrance rates remain over 80% and their NAPLAN scores are high, so I know it's up to us as Dads to get this vital knowledge passed on.

So here is part of a list that I will be teaching my sons, that I know that will help them get though life and that they will be able to pass on to their kids:

To Juggle
How to cook Spaghetti Bolognaise
Some self defense
All the different types of farts
How to pitch at Tent
How to catch fish and more importantly, how to clean a fish
How to play poker
How to change the oil on a car
How to light a fire
Some basic carpentry
3 clean jokes to tell
How to change a car tyre

How to change a tap washer
Basic bicycle maintenance
BBQ meat properly and know the difference between rare and medium !!
Apply a field dressing (important for my kids as I bleed a lot)
That's its Ok to lose (sometimes)
Iron your own shirt
Carve a roast chicken
And the most important thing - Family comes first.

The list isn't here in its entirety but you get the idea. We as Dads need to make sure that our kids don't get to their 20's and be unable to perform what I consider to be basic life skills.

* Especially after the incident with the cat. (I will write about this  later)

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  1. I laughed out loud at this list. Nice post.
    My dad taught me to throw straight. I still remember the day... I was throwing with my arm moving horizontally, spraying the rocks everywhere. He picked up a rock, threw it with an almost vertical downward stroke, and hit the dead centre of the tree. Impressive. I learnt some cool stuff from my dad. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Will your boys not learn to "Pitch a Tent" themselves once they hit puberty?? In reference to your more recent post!! Boy Humour!!

  3. Glad to hear it Justin ! Although I still regret teaching the boys to flick an elastic band !!

  4. Too Funny Joel and yes I will !!