Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why boy humor is different

The Family on the Go is a male dominant household. Three blokes in residence means the domestic goddess is going to struggle some days.

And before you all start yelling at me about how we should all help out and do our fair share, I'm talking about the stuff we find funny that she just doesn't get.

Boy humor does not appeal to women or girls for that matter. It's like they have a  filter pre-installed that, when hearing the joke or comment, automatically sets them to just look at us with a confused and slightly disgusted look.

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This woman may have just been subjected to a boy joke.*

So where do we start ?

Well firstly boys find everything to do with the body funny, from "why do we have nipples?" right through to bodily functions, which provides a substantial library to work from.

Nudity is next up, which is basically defined as any piece of flesh that is displayed by anyone other than people in your family. So for instance, the merest inference of the nether regions send us in to fits of giggles.

Eg  "Hey guys, why do squirrels only swim on their backs?"

"So they don't get their nuts wet!!"  Gales of laughter and high fives all round follow straight after.

Or the serious conversation after a parent teacher meeting, when the Goddess says " Your teacher is so impressed by your diction."

3...........2.........1........ and there it is - snigger's all round followed by

 "Hey , Hey I've got one - Dictators !", now its a full on race to see who can get the biggest laughs.

"Dictation !!"

"Dictionary !!" and on it goes.

I am sure that psychologists through the ages have analysed the male humor psyche and will have some deep and profound interpretation on what's happening and why at completely inappropriate times we will laugh. Quite frankly I just don't care.

I will laugh when the boys are told it's shower time and they get completely undressed right where they are standing and walk off to the shower.

And I fully reserve the right when someone passes wind, to yell " Carbon tax  !! "

I know that I'm supposed to be teaching the boys proper decorum, Grandma reminds me constantly, but the thing about life that I see is - Have a laugh when you can. You can't be too serious all the time.

Now if you don't mind I'm off to develop a joke about removing the cheeks from a mango.....

* This woman may not actually have heard the joke but just assumed we someone said something equally stupid.

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