Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Speech.

I have decided that because of the 40th birthday of my beloved that she can have the post this week. So here is my speech to her at the party held in her honor.

"When I first met my wife to be I knew she would be the one to get me straightened out. The first day she moved in the fridge was cleaned out of all the left overs and real food was installed.
Then the Lachlan budgeting system was overhauled. It was pretty simple - the budget was whatever was in the wallet and when the wallet was empty the budget was over. This was just the first day mind you.

And away we went on our new life together, just the two of us in our little weather board shack with the indoor waterfall in the kitchen and the hole in the bathroom floor. Every winter like clock work we would get the flu. But persevere we did and the two children and this beautiful home are the result of our hard work and her organisational prowess.

I know I'm not an easy guy to live with, I regularly hurt my self, do things most people would have probably not contemplated at all and generally go out of my way to have a laugh. Usually all at the same time.

But whilst I have tested her patience and knowledge of nearby hospitals she has very quietly and carefully beeen molding me into the person you see before you today - still alive.

When were going through the photos you will see later it became clear that she loves the outdoors. Kayaking, fishing, tennis and lately golf have all kept her busy and active. In fact let's take a moment to talk about being busy.

Suzanne has an unerring ability to do everything. whether its organizing a school function or kids party or reminding me where my pants are she is literally everywhere. I mean how many husbands have to book in when they are going to see their wife ?

I'm not kidding when I tell you there is literally are spreadsheets to organize everything we do.
So when I look back at the last 16 years that I have had the privilege to know her I am just amazed at all the adventures we have managed to pack in.

Whether it was getting married or moving out of our brand new just completed never been lived in house to live in Malaysia she has been the perfect partner. Always organised and always smiling.

I will confess how ever that not everybody is a fan of her there are people who have quietly asked that she not be present on fishing trips as they are tired of her either catching the first fish or the largest fish. But I digress.

I have a vain hope that maybe one year she will take on less, be on less committees, organize less functions but we all know that's not going to happen any day soon. I seriously think she thrives on the challenge.

As I look around tonight I see all of the people that are special to her and I know that she is special to you all.

So here we are tonight celebrating the passing of a epic milestone for an amazing woman. A wife, a daughter, a mother to 2 special little guys and a helper than none of us can do without. So please raise a glass and toast a woman who we all love".

Next week back to Dads and the challenge of trying to become a husband !

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