Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Its a real syndrome you know, you can catch it.....

As many of you know from this article I penned a while back, I am but a mere accessory to to The Organised one.
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Over the years we have been married I have enjoyed some amazing dinners and parties and met amazing people.
I have however  noticed that sometimes functions or commitments can become the subject of some concern. What seemed like a wonderful opportunity at the start of the week seems to be a real chore by the end of the week.

And to this end I have named the phenomenon

Social Commitment Remorse

Its the feeling you get when you say yes to someone or an event that you know you should go to but afterwards or later on, not want to go to.

How does this happen ?

Whilst it seems simple I think actually its a complex set of interwoven interactions that occur between the time the "Yes" is uttered and the actual time to show up occurs.

And it might even come down to the difference between men and women.

So if you think about how women wives people interact you would see invitations sent out constantly for all manner of events from the simple coffee catch ups right through to dinner parties etc.

And that's where the devil is in the detail. In order to expand the social circle, invitations will need to be accepted. For men it's simple they know what they want to do and with whom. For women however it's not that easy. They take into account other peoples feelings into account when making the decision.

So next time you are asked to something or to attend a social gathering, think carefully and remember this syndrome - anyone can catch SCR.

Don't let it be you or someone you love.

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