Friday, September 16, 2011

What your kids won't tell you (caution may contain truth)

As the proud father of two boys,  aged 11 (going on 37) and 8, I often forget that kids see the world exactly as it is. They do this without the clutter of years of experience and learning that we as adults have and then apply to our perception.

Kids , well mine anyway, have an unflappable ability to see any situation far more clearly and simply than I could ever have imagined.

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But, with that also comes another side to the coin, namely the truth and sometimes it will be truth you don't want out in the sunshine.
I don't mean kids are trying to be hurtful. Not at all, its just that sometimes the wind can be taken out of your sails far faster than you imagined.

Kids just don't dress up the truth, or engage in those little white lies that we as adults employ to preserve the feelings of others.

They just take this wonderful clarity and truth and pass it straight on to all and sundry !

"Hey Dad can I play with the big red ball in the bedroom"
"No mate, its Mums exercise ball"
"How do you know, she's never used it !"

"Hey Dad, we're going faster our our run today !"
"Maybe I'm getting fitter !"
"Nah there's just less people out today."

"Hey Johno ! Did you know my Dad once did a fart so huge he had to peel the doona off  the roof ? "

Another little gem is the eternal question " Hey Dad,  back in your day did ......"
What does back in my day even mean ? It's not like I've lived through a world war or anything significant like that.

Once again it's that simple clarity that the kids have and this time they used children time frames which are apparently very different to adults.

I'll never forget the time one of our friends family car pooled the eldest son home. They all got out of the car wiping tears out of their eyes. They saw me, stopped and calmly said  "So you're a pretty regular morning guy then ? " and all dissolved into fits of laughter.

Apparently it's OK to discuss my bodily functions and their timing in public. And yes I know in the post about boy humor and why it's different, I said it was funny but I meant about others, right ?

I think for a day I will  try talk to people just like the kids do. Straight to the point.

But not today.......

One day though.........

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